[Trlog] PTT Stays keyed when running w/TR 6.79

kd4d at comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Tue Jan 27 19:26:38 EST 2004

Good Afternoon:

A few times during the CQ 160 contest, with TR6.79, I had
the PTT on Radio A stay asserted after the CQ Exchange was
sent to a calling station.

I've never seen this behavior before.  Once I stopped and
restarted TR, but it occurred again within a few QSO's. I
then rebooted the computer and it was hours before it
happened again.  The second time, stopping and restarting
TR cleared it and it continued to work.

I was using different radios, a TS950 and an Orion, with
one of the radios controlled from a PCI byterunner serial
card.  Last time I used this computer, I only controlled
one radio from the built-in serial port.  I was also
controlling an FT1000MP.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?  It definitely appears
to be the signal on the LPT port rather than external

Thanks and 73.


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