[Trlog] PTT Stays keyed when running w/TR 6.79

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at r66.ru
Wed Jan 28 01:36:50 EST 2004

Orion is pretty peculiar especially when you have to work in mixed mode
contest. I just hope that Ten-Tec will be able to rectify this problem by
changing the firmware. I now control the ptt line of the PA from TR + Y
connected Orion AMP KEY in CW, and use PTT foot switch connected to ORION's
PTT IN in SSB. The down side is that I have to use foot switch in SSB mode
even with SBDVP.
ORION hangs in TX mode several times during the contest. I think it is
ORIONS other peculiarity. It is cured by switching the ORION off and on. I
believe it is ORION's fault because it does it without any computer control
at all when internal voice keyer used. There are other issues associated
with underpowered ORIN's processor such as broken CW when you adjust  DSP
bandwidth and so on.
In my case the frequency appears on the screen of TR only when any key on
the keyboard is pressed. I think it is the price we pay for ORION's 57000
baud RS-232 speed. Again just hope that Ten-Tec will listen and change that
making it programmable down to 1200 baud.
Still the receiver is so good that I am happy to put up with all these

73, Igor UA9CDC
> Hi George:
> I'm talking about the PTT line out of TRLog, which I happened
> to be feeding to the amp, bypassing the Orion for that very
> reason.  I actually put in a Y connector and also drove
> the amp from the Orion AMP KEY line just to be sure.
> The Orion stayed in QSK mode and except for very annoying
> clicks in the sidetone worked fine.
> Actually, as I think of it, both times this happened I was
> running on the 950, with regular PTT.  I mentioned the
> radio types since this is a change from NAQP and ARRL 10
> where I ran TR 6.79 in basically the same configuration
> and this DID NOT happen even once.  I wonder if it could
> be related to the Orion's faster baud rate or something...
> I was using two FT1000mp variants in both NAQP and
> ARRL 10.  In ARRL 10, I only had radio control on one
> radio though.  In NAQP, I was using a different computer
> with ISA instead of PCI serial ports.  I don't know if
> any of that is relevant to this bug.
> 73,
> Mark, KD4D
> > On Tue, Jan 27, 2004 at 07:26:38PM +0000, kd4d at comcast.net wrote:
> > >
> > > A few times during the CQ 160 contest, with TR6.79, I had
> > > the PTT on Radio A stay asserted after the CQ Exchange was
> > > sent to a calling station.
> >
> > As far as I know there is not a way to
> > have hardware PTT for the Orion when it
> > is in CW mode.
> >
> > Am I wrong?
> >
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