[Trlog] Two DVP's in one computer?

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Tue Jan 27 21:02:19 EST 2004

Good afternoon, all:

Has anyone tried installing TWO DVP's in a single computer under DOS?
This would be for use with TRLog and CT.  Only one DVP would be used
at a time.  It looks like I can change the base address of one DVP from
the default 0x308 to 0x300 by removing jumper JP2.  The DVP in use
would be selected using the address as an argument when starting

Both DVP's would share IRQ7 with the parallel port.

Any thoughts on whether this will work?  I don't have the computer and
DVP's here.  I want to ask before making a rather long drive!  I don't
see why it wouldn't work, though.  :-)

Thanks in advance and 73,

Mark, KD4D

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