[Trlog] Limit to size off .dat ffile that TR can handle???

Fred Jensen k6dgw at foothill.net
Tue Nov 9 11:49:57 EST 2004

Import into Access (or most other PC DB products), and there is
essentially no limit.

Fred K6DGW
Auburn CA CM98lw

Jim Smith wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> If I understand Merge correctly, you end up with a log containing all
> the Q's from the two merged logs with the Q's sorted in chronological order.
> If so, it seems to me that you could dump the two (or more) logs into
> Excel, parse the data into the appropriate columns, tell it to sort the
> whole shebang on the date column and then, within the date, on the time
> column.  Might take a little while.  Then output the result as a text file.
> Excel 97 will accept more than 65,000 rows.  Will it sort 65,000 rows?
> I don't know.
> I could do this for you, if you want, but not until next week.
> 73, Jim   VE7FO

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