[Trlog] Dual-Booting Windows XP and DOS

kd4d at comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Tue Nov 9 17:55:04 EST 2004

Hi Dennis:

This works fine, but is impractical on laptops.  There
have been problems partitioning drives in the past, but I 
believe the new tools are actually stable.  However, I do
recommend a backup before trying it!  :-)

The tools I'm using are free, also...

One of my four computers is set up with a second drive
for DOS.  The other three dual-boot on a single drive.



> Having lost irreplaceable information in the past with partitioned 
> drives, I strongly prefer a small, second, hard drive with DOS 6.22 for 
> running TRLOG, WF1B, etc... The cost is not anymore than buying the 
> software to partition your C: drive and the safety factor is immensely 
> better...
> Denny - K8DO
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