[Trlog] How to use 2 vfos?

Ken Beals k6mr at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 13 00:38:48 EDT 2004

I've thought about the same thing with my K2.  The only thing I know 
that's possible is to program a F key with the string that switches VFOs 
(SW09).  But without using any of the TRLog second radio features, I 
don't think it's that useful.  You can switch quickly, but you can't 
listen while transmitting, which is really the point of SO2R.  N1MM 
logger (the free Windows logging program) has a "SO2V" mode, but again I 
can't see how it would be that useful. 

Just gotta get that second K2........:^)

Ken K6MR

Bob Tellefsen wrote:

>I'm curious how one might use a radio with two vfos, when there is
>really only one vfo and one tuning knob, switched between A and B.
>I use a K2, which can do A/B switching, but still only operates one
>circuit at a time.
>Thanks for any ideas that might come up.
>73, Bob N6WG
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