[Trlog] EU VHF Q point method

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Thu Oct 21 23:54:59 EDT 2004

Had a go in the recent Markothen (or whatever it's called) RTTY contest.

As usual, the logcfg.dat file was figured out on the fly.  Since Markothen
scores similar to TBDC, I started with that, making a couple of changes:

CONTEST = stew perry
contest name = TMC RTTY
qso by band = true
qso point method = european vhf
exchange received = rst and grid

This produced a log that looked like this:

  ##DIG dd-mmm-yy hh:mm   47A JR3TOE      *  599  599 
pm74                   2132
  ##DIG dd-mmm-yy hh:mm   48A W0EK        *  599  599 
en25                   -806
  ##DIG dd-mmm-yy hh:mm   49A KU5S           599  599 
dm84                   -755
  ##DIG dd-mmm-yy hh:mm   50A JA1HFY      *  599  599 
pm95                   2127

It wasn't until that far into the contest that I realized the QSO POINT METHOD
needed to be EUROPEAN VHF.  Perhaps that was a no-no, so I just had a go
with a fresh start as a test:

160DIG 22-Oct-04 03:37    1A KU5S           599  599 
dm84                   -841

Now it calculates a different number of Q points, even when working with the
same grids as before (OL72bk & DM84).  Anything >9999 km seems to take
a hit.

However, it's also is inconsistent when calculating Q points over a shorter 

160DIG 22-Oct-04 03:51    1A JR3TOE         599  599 
pm74                   2554

Now that is something I would expect EU VHF types to have noticed by now.
Or could it be that there is something else that is part of the defaults 
for TBDC
that is mucking things up?

73, VR2BrettGraham

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