[Trlog] HALP! K2/100 and KIO2 seem DEAF to serial comms.

Tom Hammond n0ss at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 23 16:15:08 EDT 2004

Hi Folks:

Posting this to both the Elecraft and the TRLOG reflectors, in the hop that 
someone can assist. Not sure if it's a TRLOG or an Elecraft  (or OPERATOR) 

Interesting failure here... one which also occurred the morning of Field 
Day 2004 (perfect timing, right?).

When running TRLOG from a DOS window in Win98SE:

    When EITHER the KPA100 or the KIO2 are connected to the
    'built-for KIO2/KPA100' serial cable, either device can
    SEND data to my laptop, running TRLOG, but NEITHER will
    acknowledge data SENT from the laptop to the KIO2/KPA100.

    I can have the PORT parameter send the current frequency
    TO the laptop and it displays on the laptop... so I know
    that it's receiving data from the K2 when it's being polled,
    IF it was being polled.

    However, if I have TRLOG to send to the KIO2/KPA100 any
    command (a band change comment for instance), I can see
    (with my o'scope) the data at the input (pin 6) to the
    MAX1406, but I see no output (pin 11) from the MAX1406.
    Not even a faint whimper.

To further compound my confusion...

When having booted to DOS (either from within Win98SE or from a cold boot), 
as soon as I boot TRLOG and the main screen appears, I get a "RADIO ONE 
POLLING DISABLED" message. Doing a [Ctrl-J] and resetting RADIO ONE POLLING 
to TRUE results in TRLOG NOT allowing me to save the changes..! So  polling 
remains disabled. Go figger.

The serial cable (the one specially made to interface the K2 to the Laptop 
has been confirmed to be wired correctly... heck it's worked for several 
YEARS before starting to fail, and I have NO intervening 'serial' cables 
which might much up the connection.

On the K2, PORT is set to 'ON'.

Any suggestions out there? I'm open to all suggestions.

Oh yeah, yes, I JUST replaced the MAX1406 (serial comms) chip in both the 
KPA100 and the KIO2 with new ones... in case the old ones were bad... 
couldn't tell for certain, but I AM fairly confident that I was seeing 
serial data coming to the RXD line, but not being passed thru the previous 
MAX1406 to its output.


Tom Hammond    N0SS

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