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Hi Vitaly:

Well, I don't think there's any more risk using this software.  Either
way, enter the wrong parameters and you can wipe out your disk.
I can wipe out all of the data on a disk using anything that lets
me access the partitions.  :-)  qtParted and ntfsresize are quite
reliable run from the proper Linux kernels.

Does System Commander reliably handle Windows XP SP2 NTFS
partitions?  Partition Magic, which I used to use, doesn't.   That's
why I quit using it.


Mark, KD4D

> Why do not use a tested software - System Commander (V. 7.0)? Partitioning
> program also included with it. Yes, there is a price tag but no risk to lose
> all info on C:
> This is what I use on all computers with DOS, Win95, Win2000 and XP. I
> select operating system at boot time.
> 73! Vitaly (VE6JO)
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> Good morning, all:
> I have figured out a procedure for taking a Windows XP computer,
> even a laptop, and installing MS-DOS on it.  This allows a dual
> boot (just pick whether you want Windows XP or DOS) and does
> not damage the existing Windows XP installation.  This avoids all
> of the problems of trying to run real DOS programs under Windows.
> The same procedure will work under other versions of Windows, but
> they are easier since they don't use NTFS disk partitions.
> I'm writing up a detailed procedure now.  I need a few people to
> volunteer to try this and give me detailed feedback on the procedure.
> It's currently in a Word document that is a bit over a megabyte.
> All of my computers, including this work laptop, dual boot Windows
> XP and DOS.  The procedure is a bit tricky but not particularly
> hard.  And, I've NEVER seen detailed instructions about how to
> do it.  (Actually, I usually use the same procedure to add Linux
> and triple boot!  :-))
> If you can help me test the procedure, please let me know and
> I'll send it to you.  Thanks very much.  I hope to get a solid
> procedure down and then figure out how to publish it.
> Thanks!
> 73,
> Mark, KD4D
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