[Trlog] Screen too small

Ron Rossi kk1l at intergate.com
Wed Apr 13 17:51:24 EDT 2005

It is generally refered to as "screen expansion" or something similar. 
There may be some access to it outside of BIOS as well. On IBM Thinkpads 
it is under ThinkPad Configuration in Windows.

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Steve London wrote:
> You need to change a BIOS setting on the laptop.  Sorry, I don't remember the 
> name of the field that needs to be changed.  I had the same issue with the 
> Toshiba laptops I borrowed for use at WRTC-2002.
> 73,
> Steve, N2IC
> Philipp wrote:
>>Hello there
>>I am trying to set up a Toshiba laptop for Helvetia Contest.
>>The computer starts up with Windows 98.
>>I restart in MS DOS mode.
>>When I start TR only half of the screen comes up. Upper and lower parts are
>>What do I have to tell the system?
>>I appreciate your help.
>>73 Phil, HB9FMU
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