[Trlog] CW keying on Toshiba

Mirko Sibilja s57ad at amis.net
Sat Apr 16 05:22:17 EDT 2005

It is known laptop problem, due to low voltages... I got LPT interface with
two 4N32 optocouplers which works excellently on desktop PC but wont key
transmitter on laptop. LPT interface with two plain transistors works OK,

73!  Mirko, S57AD
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From: "Philipp" <phil.loretz at bluewin.ch>
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Subject: [Trlog] CW keying on Toshiba

> Hi all
> I am trying to set up a Toshiba laptop 300 CDS for the Helvetia Contest.
> TR is running but it doesn't key the transceiver.
> I have chosen the parallel port and the cfg is okay.
> The same interface works okay with my other laptop Compaq.
> First I thought the parallel port is broken, but I can use my printer
> the same port without any problems.
> Is there a known Toshiba problem?
> If yes, how can I fix it?
> There aren't any other Pcs left in my shack running Windows 98...
> 73 Phil, HB9FMU
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