[Trlog] Com2 Recovery

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Sun Dec 4 14:51:06 EST 2005

Nothing happens quickly at KG5U....

Back in July, I posted a query here asking how to recover Com2 where Gateway
had somehow/for some reason disabled it when they had it in their mitts for
service.  I finally got around to hooking the old PC (as the Desktop PC, it
had been replaced by a HP 3GHz machine) back up and playing with it a bit.
I'm happy to say that, with suggestions received on this reflector, and no
major blunders on my part while in the BIOS and System Control Panel, I was
able to re-enable Com2 and put the 750MHz/Win98 PC in as my Radio PC,
replacing an old P100.  It turns out Gateway had reallocated the Comport
assignment to an internal modem--don't need it, so disabled it.  The PC now
works on all Com and printer ports.  Radios and TRLog now perform as desired
and expected. 

Thanks and 73,

Dale, kg5u


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