[Trlog] TRlog and Orion

Ron Feutz feutz at wctc.net
Thu Dec 22 20:46:20 EST 2005

Would sure appreciate hearing from anyone successfully using TRlog 
with an Orion.

I know this subject was discussed a lot earlier, but I am unable to 
find anything in the archives that helps.

My computer and radio seem to be communicating but not very well.  I 
have what I have learned is a common problem - the freq readout on 
the computer only displays momentarily when I strike a key on the 
computer.  Also, I can change bands from the computer, but when I 
change bands on the radio, the computer doesn't update until I strike a key.

I first tried V 6.79, and then 6.78, with the same results.

Anybody out there care to do a little mentoring and hand-holding?

I haven't operated enough yet to know if more problems will show 
themselves during a contest.

73 Ron KK9K

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