[Trlog] Running DOS on New Computers - Solved!

kd4d@comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Sat Jul 2 12:48:03 EDT 2005

Good afternoon, all:
I believe I have solved the problem of running DOS on
new computers!  All my single-op contest efforts are
now done using a DOS logging program and most of them
are done using new computers that I also run WindowsXP
on.  I am looking for people to help with
refining the procedure and maybe testing features like
FreeDOS, USB sticks, bootable DOS CD's, and ethernet 
networking (CT's nettsr), but the basic DOS dual-booting
works fine.  When you turn the computer on, it asks
whether you want to run DOS or WindowsXP.  Both
run normally.  If you are interested in helping me
test any of this, please let me know.

Running real DOS and real DOS programs on new WindowsXP 
computers is not only possible, it is not very difficult to do and
can be done without buying any software.

All you have to do is shrink the NTFS disk partition containing
WindowsXP a tiny amound (500 MBytes is plenty), add a new
partition to the disk, install DOS, and install a boot loader.

You can do this without affecting the operation of the Windows XP
installation at all and you will never notice that your disk is 500 MBytes

This will work on every new computer I am aware of that uses
an NTSF partition for WindowsXP and uses an
IDE disk drive (most non-server platforms).  (It may work on 
RAID drives but is untested).

The same technique should work for any other version of
Windows.  For those, I usually use a commercial package
called "Partition Magic" for resizing the FAT32 partitions.
Partition Magic does not work on the NTFS partitions 
I've tried it on for the last year or so so I quit using it
for NTFS.

I have written up a very detailed procedure for doing this.  It takes
me about 10 minutes, but will take a while the first time.  You
should be comfortable re-booting your computer and know what
a disk partition is (or enlist some help).  All the software is
available for free by downloading it from the web.

The detailed procedure is available at www.k1ea.com/hints
Dual-boot "Real" DOS on Windows XP 

This has been rather thoroughly tested.  I do recommend
backing up your data before doing this.  I would appreciate any
comments or suggestions on the procedure and will be glad
to answer any questions.

I'm still running DOS contest logging programs, and this
technique will allow me to keep doing so on modern computers
for many more years.


Mark, KD4D

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