[Trlog] TRmanual status

n7dr@arrl.net n7dr at arrl.net
Thu Jul 7 23:39:17 EDT 2005

For the last few years, it has been my honour and privilege to produce and 
maintain the manual for TR.

I find that I can no longer now give this job the attention that it needs 
and deserves, and, after consultation with Tree, I would like to propose 
that instead of maintaining the manual as a "proprietary" document, it be 
released under some suitable documentation license so that others can 
contribute to it as their interest and desire dictate.
I'm not sure exactly how the logistics of this are going to work, but I 
anticipate something pretty simple, basically like this:

all the files that are used to build the manual are released to some 
sort of hosting service (I looked at sourceforge, but it's not at all 
clear that they will accept a project that is documentation for a non OSS 
some number of people (I am willing to be one of these) are granted 
write access to the CVS or SVN database, and basically act as moderators 
for changes.
So the questions that face me at the moment are:
  1. what is a suitable license?
  2. where is a suitable hosting site?
  3. is anyone else interested in being a moderator?
I would be happy to receive responses to any of these questions, either 
privately or publicly.
FWIW, the manual is in LaTeX.

Doc  N7DR

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