[Trlog] IARUHQ.DOM file problem

Robert Tellefsen n6wg at comcast.net
Sun Jul 10 17:05:09 EDT 2005

Before the IARU contest, George Fremin posted a URL where one could download
the latest
IARUHQ.DOM file.  I did that and tried to use it in POST following the
contest.  POST
just quits when it tries to check multipliers using the .DOM file.  Without
the file, it
complains that it can't find the file, naturally.  I thought the problem was
in the
file, so I tried using one from TR 6.79 and got the same result.

Now I wonder if the problem is with mult checking in general in TR for the
IARU contest.
I've seen a lot of scores posted already on 3830, so I assume other people's
are working ok.

Anyone know anything about this?

Thanks and 73
Bob N6WG

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