[Trlog] Rescoring logs w/ over 10,000 Qs?

Mirko Sibilja s57ad at amis.net
Sat Jul 16 16:10:05 EDT 2005

Hei Jari,

in the past I took care for S50HQ logs and used the same method you
mentioned. In some situations, we had logs with 12 000 Qs total which caused
some problems with memory available. But, when available memory drown down
under certain limit, TRLog switched off more and more functions. But, it
rescored our log(s) correctly. Don't know what would happen with, say, 15000
+ Qs in the log... I think (depending of available memory) upper QSO limit
is slightly above 12000 contacts... So, do not be to successful in the
future, <grin>

Mirko, S57AD
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Subject: [Trlog] Rescoring logs w/ over 10,000 Qs?

> Hi, and thanks to the list for the TR RESCORE tip. I just re-scored the
> log, merged originally from various logs in Cabrillo format.
> I looked into what the minimum TR Log format is that TR can still handle
> rescore correctly. Then I programmed a simple Cabrillo-to-TRLog converter
> made a barebones TRLog file of 6000 Qs, which I then had re-scored. Worked
> perfectly. For 6000 QSOs, it took two hours at the rate of 3000 Qs per
hour :)
> One question came to my mind, though. How about a bigger M/M operation
> the QSOs can amount over 10,000? Can I still have TR re-score that file,
or is
> there an upper limit for QSOs which cannot be exceeded?
> Thanks and 73,
> Jari OH6BG
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