[Trlog] Need help with CQWW 160 in TRLOG

Ralph-Diether Marzusch dl3led at marzusch.com
Sat Mar 5 04:51:27 EST 2005

gm dr contesters,

our contest group just took part in CQWW 160 (SSB) for the first time, 
so I apologize if this is a stupid question.

 From the CQWW 160 rules I expected that non-USA/Canada station would 
use their DXCC country prefix as exchange. However, a couple of stations 
used an exchange that was completely different from what I expected, e. 
g. a couple of UA station used "ER" instead of "UA" and S59xx and S57xx 
used "SI" instead of "S5".

TRLOG requires me to enter an exchange, but whatever I enter is ignored 
and TRLOG *overrides* the entry with the correct DXCC country prefix, so 
entering the exchange I actually received requires me to edit the entry 
afterwards. This is different from what I know from other contests and 
other log programs, where the country prefix is used as a default but 
may be overridden.

But the main question is: which one is the *right* exchange to put in 
the log, the exchange that I actually *received* or the country prefix 
derived from the callsign?

And, by the way: when trying to prepare the cabrillo file, TRLOG offers 
me to use category "MULTI-ONE", "MULTI-TWO", "MULTI-MULTI", 
"MULTI-LIMITED" or "MULTI-UNLIMITED", but there is no category called 
"MULTI" as mentioned in the CQWW 160 rules. May I just pick one that 
fits (e. g. "MULTI-ONE" oder "MULTI-UNLIMITED" for a station with a 
single transceiver with legal limit power)?

Thanks for any hints!

vy 73 de Ralph (DL3LED)

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