[Trlog] Code Speed = Bug?

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 18 17:18:59 EST 2005

Bingo - Thanks Tim.  The manual says you're right.  I set the code speed 
in the config file so that when the newbie starts TR everything's set up 
for him.  I was checking that everything was working OK in the files 
being distributed and, in the process, created a log file and associated 
.RST file.  I had been playing with the speed and, of course Restart 
remembered what I had changed it to.

So, as usual, it's not a bug it's cockpit error.

73, Jim   VE7FO

Tim Totten, N4GN wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, Jim Smith wrote:
>> I've set up a config file for them which includes the command
>> CODE SPEED = 15  However, the command is being ignored and the code
>> speed is set to whatever it was when TR was last run.
> I could be way off base, and I'm nowhere near a computer that has TR 
> Log on it, but I think what's happening is that once you start a 
> contest, the "last used code speed" variable is updated in 
> RESTART.BIN.  So when you restart, the code speed starts there, not at 
> whatever you have CODE SPEED set to in the LOGCFG.DAT file.  In short, 
> CODE SPEED only determines the speed the first time you start up the 
> contest, not any time after that.  That actually seems to make sense 
> to me.  If you want it to always start again at 15 wpm (I can't quite 
> understand why), I think you're outta luck.
> 73,
> Tim Totten, n4gn at n4gn.com
> http://www.n4gn.com

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