[Trlog] RUDX Contest Bug?

marko.holmavuo@dnainternet.net marko.holmavuo at dnainternet.net
Mon Mar 21 00:45:10 EST 2005


You should check your russian.dom. All oblasts are listed there, and if there 
are not YN, TR will not accept it.

Look more e.g. from here:

Instead of that, I found couple of things in TR, specially related to SO2R 

Can someone tell what is the current TR update policy nowadays? 
I just checked that last TR update (listed in web-site rev. history) was 6.79 
back to 22 Nov 2003...1.5 years ago.

Will we get some day WIN-based software, which will beat all current ones? 
Is the development work of Dos-TR freezed or is this product just end of its' 

It would be nice to here what is the "detailed" future plans of TRLog team?

Marko OH4JFN

Lainaus Eric Hilding <dx35 at hilding.com>:

> Each time I tried to enter the YN Oblast, I could not complete the QSO &
> TR 
> just hung up.
> My workaround was to enter YA, log the QSO, and then go back in and edit
> it 
> YA to YN.  Strange.
> FYI & 73...
> Rick, K6VVA
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