[Trlog] Mid-Atlantic QP logging of mobiles

Paul Kirley pkirley at fuse.net
Mon May 9 22:44:42 EDT 2005

WA3AAN asked:
>I haven't found a way to score 3 point mobiles ( /M ) in TRlog.  Any 
>suggestions ??

Last year I just changed the points in the editable log.  But as an outsider I had a much slower QSO rate than you will have.  Alternatively, you might create a scoring spreadsheet after the contest by reading in the normal TRLog file and adding a column to include the correct QSO points, then computing the final score by counting mults and doing the arithmetic.

Of course, all that effort will get you only one number to type in as the claimed score in the Cabrillo file (CONTEST = CAL QSO PARTY   QSO POINT METHOD = ONE PHONE TWO CW) because no summary is required this year.  To estimate that one lousy number, you might simply adjust TRLog's claimed score by a percentage estimate of the increased QSO points due to mobiles, and put the burden of precision on the log checkers.

The problem of coordinating TRLog's *DUPE* with the MAtl rule that mobiles *must* be logged as /M can be overcome by logging mobiles as /(county), generating the Cabrillo and then using a text editor to edit /????? to /M     throughout the Cabrillo, watching out for any non-mobiles you may have worked with "/" in the call.

73, Paul W8TM

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