[Trlog] Free Software to let DOS read and write NTFS disks!!!!!

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Mon May 23 13:47:28 EDT 2005

Good day, all:

Datapol has made their NTFS4DOS program freeware!  This program
allows read and WRITE access to NTFS partitions from DOS.

This means you can create a bootable DOS CD, boot from it,
and run TR or CT from the hard disk in your windows computer.
Even better, you can save the log on the NTFS partition!

I have briefly tested this with MS-DOS and it works.  I will
be testing with FreeDOS shortly.  Meanwhile, you can download


The only "gotcha" is that you have to answer "Y" to the question.
"Yes" and "yes" don't appear to work.

If you need the procedure to create a bootable DOS CD, drop
me an e-mail.


Mark, KD4D

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