[Trlog] More questiosn and comments:

William Liporace - NA2NA na2na at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 30 19:53:22 EST 2005

Hi Folks, well the contest is over and I did not spend as much time in the chair as I wanted!!  It was nice to use TR again. I have not been on the air much the last couple of years (from the home QTH)

How do I re score with an updated country list? I see some problems in the log (not that we do scoring any longer).
I know I have at least one busted call, but I have not found it yet.

I know Tree answered part of this via the last email, but is this normal?
In S&P I have the F1 (my call) & F2 (exchange) programmed.
I hear N6TR on the bands
I type in N6TR hit Enter, It sends my call and moves to the exchange field
If I hit Enter, it logs you with out sending the exchange.
I have to hit the F2 to send the exchange.

I think the same thing happens in CQ mode, but I have not tried...

Also there may be some thing going on with the DVP... The volume is not as crisp or clear through the DVP. I feel like I am missing some thing. If I take the head  phones out of the DVP and go directly through the radio, it sounds MUCH better. That really did not cause any problems....

The other item that I have noticed is the band map dying during the contest. It has been a while since I have feed TR though a windows box (running K1TTT's program), but I do not remember the band map dying. It seems to be OK if I exit and come back. I can see the spots in the Packet window, but they are not coming through the band map. Doing SH/DX or SH/US does not 
clear it out. I still see the data flowing through the screen.

Here are a couple of other notes...
When you send a SPOT with a QSX, it does not read the radio.
So I worked GD6IA on 7050 QSX 7219, when I hit the ~, it says SPOT = DX 7050.0 then I have to add the QSX 7219

Logging a call with a QSX does not show in the band map It also removes the x.  I also saw some band map corruption. There were people that I worked, then later did not see the * and tried to work them again.... 

FYI, the radio is a FT1000 (not the MP versions).

I know I will have some more questions.....

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