[Trlog] RESEND: Country file corrections from CQWW contest

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Mon Oct 31 23:53:37 EST 2005

[Sorry about the resend - this message did not make it to all the
 reflectors.  Also made a couple of corrections from the original:

 - Malpelo is indeed South America
 - WH0AI is indeed in the USA (Wisconsin)


I'm sorry about the WP2Z and KP4US fiasco this weekend.  These calls
are listed in the country file under United States.  The FCC database
has their addresses stateside, the automatic tools did not know they
really weren't.

I also wasn't parsing all the records in the FCC database correctly,
so these weren't the only errors (see below):

I will be deleting these exceptions listed under United States:

    K0RH    KH0A 
    K4GM    KH0R 
    K4LW    KL7CQ 
    K4OH    KL7P 
    K7RL    KP2AA 
    N3UA    KP4US (*)
    N7BF    NH2DX 
    W2GB    NP4H 
    W2RU    NP4V 
    W3TZ    WH2V 
    W5ZL    WL7PC 
    W6AZ    WP2Z (*)
    K3EST (back in MD)
    W6PH (operated from CA, not NH)

(*) was active in contest

Furthermore, I understand that KD3TB/VE2 and VA2VFT were both active
from CQ Zone 2 but were not previously in the country file.  Any others?

I also found a few more bugs in the file:

- Western Samoa 5W is just Samoa now
- PW0ZT and PX0T weren't recognized as prefixes for Trindade, PY0T
- Fixed some calls that should have been in ARRL.CTY but weren't

Any other changes needed?  I will put out a release Tuesday evening
with these changes.

73 - Jim AD1C

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