[Trlog] 7QP contest module questions

David Ashworth fathom at dslextreme.com
Sat Apr 29 19:32:07 EDT 2006

Hello to all.  I have not used TR for a couple of years, so please forgive
me.  I am trying to get TR to work in the 7QP contest for next week.  I am
running ME (came with the laptop) and TR ver 6.79.  That works fine.  Then,
went to the 7QP site:
http://www.codxc.org/new/Page.asp?Content=DRYLAND7S&Page=5 and got the two
files for the contest.  Put them in the same directory (log) and cannot see
the contest in the lists of contests.  A funny thing happens, when I go into
TR, the 7QP module comes up.  I cannot figure out how to configure my rig,
port, etc from here.  I wonder if this module is working for anyone else.
Just for fun, I selected CAL QSO PARTY and was able to configure the rig
settings.  So, looking for help, thanks, Dave, NC6P

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