[Trlog] W98SE and Byterunner help, please

Huntington Howard-CADV02 Howard.Huntington at motorola.com
Thu Dec 21 12:24:55 EST 2006

Hi Mark,

To view your IRQs and addresses, go to Start/Control Panel/System/Device

You can select ports and view the IRQ and addresses.  You can also
change  them but if you have some sort of 'Plug and Play' enabled it may
go off on its own.

That is the extent of what I know.  I am having similar problems with a
TC-420 ISA card and manage to have only two serial ports working and two
parallel ports.  That is ok but need more.   The TC-420 should allow me
to have total 5 serial and 3 parallel ports.

Howie, K9KM

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Hi All
Working on SO2R and just added a 410 H card.
How do I set up the autoexec file in order to run VSEMUIO.EXE?  I need
the actual line spelled out .  I have tried 5 times and can't get  the
confuser accept it.  Any other hints would be greatly  appreciated.
Like what IRQ's to use.  Where do I find the resource  list that shows
which IRQ's have been used and not?
Best  regards,

Michael WG0M
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