[Trlog] Does anyone at TR-Log answer email? Or am I filtered out?

Robert Tellefsen n6wg at comcast.net
Tue Feb 21 19:10:55 EST 2006

Hi Michael
Tree, N6TR, is the creator of TR LOG, but the support
mostly comes from the reflector and from:
In the Americas:
George Fremin III K5TR
Geo Distributing
624 Lost Oak Trail
Johnson City, TX 78636 U.S.A.
Voice: (512) 636-5587
k5tr at trlog.com 

George takes care of most day-to-day queries.  I've had good
support from him.
Give him a buzz and he can bring you up to date.

Good luck and 73
Bob N6WG
The Little Station with Attitude

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I have sent several emails to various addresses on the TR-Log web site
and have not received any answer.

I just renewed my subscription and want to get a copy of the latest
version as the newest one I can find here is 6.59.

I am not trying to slam anyone or anything like that. I have moved to
a new QTH that has room for bigger antennas and has low noise so I am
getting more active and want to get wired into TR-Log before my
prefered contests come up.


michael N6CHV (now in Alaska, formerly in FL and CA)
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