[Trlog] TS-850 polling problem

Ville Hiilesmaa oh2mm at nettilinja.fi
Thu Feb 23 02:20:47 EST 2006

Martti OH2BH was in my place yesterday to test his setup for the upcoming ARRL SSB test.
He'll operate in Belize as V31BH using a local's TS-850.
(Pertti OH2PM operated ARRL CW as V31PP from the same place).

We connected my Kenwood TS-850 to OH2BH's old IBM Thinkpad laptop running Windows 95
to see whether he'd be all set for the contest.
The LOGCFG.DAT controls the radio's freq and mode thru COM1 port.
No other port is used. TR version is 6.79

The polling is OK for freq but seems to have a problem with mode.

When on SSB mode, polling causes TRlog to jump to CW for about one second or so.
TRlog then returns to SSB by itself and stays there until next polling.
If we work SSB and log the QSO just when polling goes CW, the QSO is logged as a CW QSO!
This happens even with:
in the cfg file.

When we put the radio on CW, TRlog stays on CW permanently without any jumps to SSB.

I understand TR simultaneously polls freq and mode.
Can we tell TR to poll only frequency and no mode?
Why the jumping problem is on SSB and not on CW?

Any advice?

73,  Ville  OH2MM

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