[Trlog] Windows time vs. WWV

Mike Brown k9mi at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jul 12 13:12:13 EDT 2006

If you go to k9jy.com, it shows  a site that has a product called 
"SocketWatch" and I use it to keep the pc on the exact time. It's shareware 
and the price is less then 15 bucks if I remember right.

73, Mike K9MI

>> News to me and I'm sure old info to others,  is the fact
>> that the automatic
>> time update in windows XP,  is almost 2 min. fast relative
>> to WWV.
> I sure don't see that here. Using time.windows.com it always
> turns out within one second of WWV, always on the slow side.
> It only updates automatically once per week, so maybe your
> clock drifted off in the meantime?
> Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
> Yuma, AZ
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