[Trlog] CTY-1605 Contest Country Files - 24 July 2006

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Mon Jul 24 23:01:35 EDT 2006

CTY-1605 Contest Country Files are now available:


Please see the installation instructions on the web site or in the
.ZIP file.

Here are the release notes:

20 July 2006 (CTY-1605)

    * Added Swains Island, KH8/S
    * Added Montenegro, YU6 (also 4N3, 4N6, 4O3, 4O6, YT3, YT6, YU3,
      YZ3, YZ6)
    * Corrected local time offset from GMT for:
          o 7X, Algeria
          o 8R, Guyana
          o CE0Z, Juan Fernandez Is.
          o EA8, Canary Is.
          o ER, Moldova
          o ES, Estonia
          o EU, Belarus
          o EY, Tajikistan
          o FR/g, Glorioso
          o JX, Jan Mayen
          o KH0, Mariana Is.
          o LY, Lithuania
          o R1FJ, Franz Josef Land
          o TA, Turkey
          o TA1, Turkey (Europe)
          o UA2, Kaliningrad
          o UR, Ukraine
          o V5, Namibia
          o V6, Micronesia
          o VP5, Turks & Caicos
          o YL, Latvia
    * Renamed:
          o 3C0, Pagalu I. to Annobon
          o I, European Italy to Italy
          o IG9, African Italy to Italy (Africa)
          o KP2, US Virgin Is. to Virgin Is.
          o TU, Ivory Coast to Cote d'Ivoire
    * BS7, Scarborough Reef is in Asia, not Oceania
    * 3D2BD starting 5 August 2006 is Rotuma, 3D2/r
    * 9M4SAB, 9M4SEB, 9M4SHQ and 9M4SMS are all East Malaysia, 9M6
    * AH8M in FL, AL7C in OK, KL1IF in MO and NL7XM in PA are all United
      States, K
    * ED8OTA/D and ED8OTA/H are both Canary Islands, EA8
    * FR5IZ/E is Juan de Nova & Europa, FR/j
    * GB0BVC and GB90SOM are both Northern Ireland, GI
    * GB0RPO, GB2GGM and GB4SNF are all Wales, GW
    * GB2FBM is Scotland, GM
    * II0P is Sardinia, IS
      LU7DJJ/W, LU7DSY/W, LU7EPC/W, LU8EKB/W and LW7DAF/W are all
      Argentina, LU
    * R20CH is European Russia, UA
    * R60F is Kaliningrad, UA2
    * R9HQ is in CQ Zone 17
    * SV0XAZ is Crete, SV9
    * TO7AES is Guadeloupe, FG
    * TX1A is New Caledonia, FK
    * Added prefixes UE0, UE8 and UE9 to Asiatic Russia, UA9
    * VU3VPX, VU3VPY and VU4AN/RBI are all Andaman & Nicobar, VU4

73 - Jim AD1C

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