[Trlog] Multiple serieal ports for a laptop

Mark Bailey kd4d at comcast.net
Sun Mar 12 16:24:54 EST 2006

Hi Bob:

Can you use a desktop?  Byterunner, for instance,
makes some very nice PCI dual serial cards which
have very nice DOS drivers.  (I have never
tried their quad serial card, but it probably
works too).  I use these dual cards with TR-Log.
Heck, when I got VY2TT, I take a couple of these
cards and plug them into his computers!  :-)
(www.byterunner.com, PCI-200L dual serial card).

Laptop PCMCIA serial cards are problematic under
DOS, quite susceptible to RF interference, and very
difficult to find with any SUPPORTED DOS drivers.
I am unaware of ANY USB to SERIAL converter with
DOS support, though there may be one.


Mark, KD4D

Robert Tellefsen wrote:
> I'm slowly building up to a SO2R station.  I'll be using my IBM T22 
> Thinkpad laptop for the computer.  I need more serial ports than the 
> single one it comes with however.
> What are others doing to get more ports?  I know there are PCI cards
> for two ports.  How about 4 ports?  Or are the USB/serial adapters
> successful with a straight DOS system?  Do they include drivers for
> DOS?
> Any info gratefully received.
> Thanks and 73 Bob N6WG The Little Staiton with Attitude 
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