[Trlog] TR in a DOS box

David Hachadorian k6ll at adelphia.net
Fri Mar 31 14:05:16 EST 2006

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>  TR
> doesn't like running in a DOS box anymore, so I have to 
> boot to DOS to use
> it.

Same here. TR used to work in a Win98 window, but then 
stopped working somewhere along the line. Then I switched to 
XP. Forget about TR or any other DOS program under XP. I 
dragged an old 400MB DOS 6.22 hard drive out of a junker 
computer, and put it in as a second bootable HD on the XP 
machine. Now TR runs fb at 3.1GHz processor speed!

Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Yuma, AZ


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