[Trlog] Byterunner LPT help, please

WG0M at aol.com WG0M at aol.com
Tue Oct 17 06:16:10 EDT 2006

Hi All;
Need 'puter setup help. 
System is running W98 SE.
SO2R on LPT 1
W9XT card on LPT 2
Printer on LPT 3
I needed more comm ports (one for RTTY) so I purchased a 4/1  serial/lpt 
card.  This replaced a 2/1 serial/lpt card.  
After installing the Byterunner card, it took over LPT 2.  How do  change it 
to LPT 3?
What is interesting is the W9XT card is still working just fine.
Thanks in  advance.

Michael WG0M

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