[Trlog] TR683 with TenTec Orion?

John Unger w4au at verizon.net
Tue Oct 24 16:09:19 EDT 2006

Mark -

I just downloaded 6.83 a few minutes ago, and it still does not appear to 
work with my Orion correctly. At first glance, it looks like TRLog 
communicates with the radio OK, if I type a freq in the call window the 
radio goes to that freq/band, but no freq readout from the radio on the 
TRLog screen and the program does not respond to band changes made on the 
radio. It doesn't look too good...

On the other hand, the interface with my Omni VI+ is better but still not 
complete; e.g., ALT-B and ALT-V don't change the band on the radio. Freq 
readout is good and radio talks to TRLog well. In-band freq changes typed 
in TRLog change radio, but out-of-band freq changes typed on do not.

Hope this helps.

73 - John, W4AU

At 03:46 PM 10/24/2006, Mark Bailey wrote:

>Good day, everyone:
>Has anyone been able to try the newest 6.83 with an Orion?  I live about
>75 miles from the Orions I have available to test with and can't get
>to the station this week for testing.  I'd like to use the new
>version for CW SS, hoping it will fix problems with the "On Deck"
>callsigns disappearing.
>I would like some indication whether the new release fixed the
>problem with the Orion.  6.82 would set the Orion's frequencies
>but I couldn't get it to read band or frequency.
>Thanks VERY MUCH Tree for continuing to work on this great program!  For
>a single operator, I think this is still the best contest software
>Mark, KD4D
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