[Trlog] Using 6.82 or 6.83

Mike Wetzel mjwetzel at comcast.net
Tue Oct 24 16:14:30 EDT 2006

Yep, I was able to do the batch files, if anyone has trouble let me know.

Mike W9RE

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On Tue, Oct 24, 2006 at 03:28:10PM -0400, Mike Wetzel wrote:
> I am contemplating using either 6.82 or 6.83 instead of 6.79 this weekend
> because of super radio frequency response time (i.e. setting radio
> frequencies from the computer and setting splits on 40) and hopefully
> multiplier updating (no memory mult overload (flashing mults that happens
> 6.79).   The only negative that I know of for 6.82/83 is the absence of
> "exchangeradio" command that I used a lot.
> I am wondering if anyone has found any other negative behavior in 6.82/83
> that they have discovered that I have not (and might change my mind)?
> I have all 3 versions in my "log" directory and also wondering if anyone
> a fast (maybe macro) to quickly change between versions (without renaming
> files (TR.EXE, TR.OVR from TR682.EXE and TR682.OVR)) ?

Make sure you get 683 as of last night - I had a bug in it for 24 hours or

You can create .bat files to do the renaming.  Just type in the commands as
you would do them at the DOS prompt.  I forget if there is a restart.bin
file difference between 6.82/6.83 and 6.79 - I think there was, so you
will lose your exchange memory.


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