[Trlog] Revised 6.63

Tree tree at kkn.net
Mon Oct 30 11:07:51 EST 2006

On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 08:40:45AM -0600, Mark Beckwith wrote:

> Okay, CQWW SSB behind us, my first reaction to the 6.83 CW change is that it 
> works just like I was hoping when going back and forth between the two 
> radios making 2nd radio QSOs.  An unexpected result was that now, when I hit 
> Escape to stop sending, it waits until the end of the character to kill the 
> CW.  It'd be great to have it both ways, of course, but beggars can't be 
> choosers :)

The change is made at a very low level in the program (the actual CW sending 
state machine).  Essentially if it receives a "command from above" to stop
sending NOW - it will look to see if you have the WAIT UNTIL END OF CHARACTER
flag set.  If you do, it will wait until is sees a cw "element" come up that 
looks like a character space (or word space) and stop sending then.

I could add another layer of flexibility that allows "above" to indicate if 
it should wait for the delay or not...  but that would require me to go find 
every instance that calls the stop sending command (which I think is in a lot
of places) and decide which ones need to stop right away and which ones can

Not sure I will get inspired to do that - but you never know.  


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