[Trlog] Any chance of an update this season?

K4RO Kirk Pickering k4ro at k4ro.net
Fri Sep 8 14:45:39 EDT 2006

I'm trying to plan ahead this year for CW SS and CQWW CW.  
I've been reviewing my Log Checking Reports, past logs,
and everyone's notes from last year.

I wonder if we might beg Tree for an update to our 
beloved CW contesting program in time for SS?  We're
probably asking him to work for free now, or at best
pennies on the hour. I doubt he and George are selling 
many copies of the program these days. I know that I 
got my money's worth (and more) out of my life time
subscription fee. I'd pay again for an update.

There have been a few rumors of updates from time 
to time, and I'm probably not alone in wishing that
a few bugs could be ironed out by Sweepstakes. I don't
want to work for free, so I won't blame Tree if there
is not an update.  If there is one, it will be like
Santa Claus in July. I know that some earlier versions
eliminate some bugs, but they do so at the cost of new
useful features (like EXCHANGERADIOS, for example.) 

I am enjoying the latest freeware Windows logging program,
but I won't be using it for any CW contest that I am trying
to compete in.  TR-Log is my tool of choice for serious CW
contesting, because frankly, it just can't be beat in my book.

If Tree has the time and desire, I'd jump for joy if any 
of the following issues with 6.79 were fixed.

#1. Disappearing "on-deck" call sign info.  With 6.79,  
the "on-deck" (Alt-D) second radio call sign disappears.
It leaves the operator confused as to whether the program
is ready to call a station on the second radio or not.

#2. The band map used to "follow the radio" while in SO2R S&P.
   It does not work right in 6.79. Here is K6LL's note 
   regarding the symptom, and Tree's reply:
On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 01:33:35PM -0700, David Hachadorian wrote:
> If you tune the second radio vfo, isn't the bandmap for that band
> supposed to show, instead of the active radio? How do you do
> that? v6.79

I think that got broken at some point during the band map upgrade.  I
have it working again in the release I keep not making (because there
are other new things broken in that release).


#3. Problems with the "mult needed" window.  6.79 has had a couple
of problems that I've experienced.  One is that the window flashes 
like a strobe in certain states -- usually when there is an On-Deck
call waiting.  The On-Deck problem may be related.  The other mult
needed window issue is incorrect info appearing, resulting in lost 
opportunities to move a mult. 

That's my Top 3 wish list, in order of importance to me.

Thanks for a great program Tree. I'll be using it for CW SS no 
matter what, because it's the best tool for my operating style.


-Kirk  K4RO

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