[Trlog] Version 6.82 release

ke5c ke5c at hot.rr.com
Sun Sep 10 14:46:58 EDT 2006

> As promised - Version 6.82 is now available.  While this is NOT public 
> domain, I have put it up here for easy access for a short period of time:

thanks for picking up the trlog hammer and anvil again.  dos and trlog 
clearly refuse to go away.

and i'm sorry you had to work me last night while i was using a bug 
(nu5d/steve/tx).  i was trying to use steve's station in the country, didn't 
arrive early enough, and struggled through a comedy of errors.  we couldn't 
get anything to work with the computer, and steves's two keys are a single 
lever paddle and a bug.  i only know iambic paddles, so i worked the first 
two hours using a bug and trlog'ing manually.

after two hours it became clear that other ops are not very interested in 
answering "cq na" sent (poorly) by a bug, and i can't say i blame them for 
that.  so i had had enough and decided to debug the problems instead of bug 
other ops.  steve, without his glasses, had plugged the parallel port keying 
adapter in backwards.  how can you do that? - by bending a few pins.  once 
those were straightened, and the plug righted, i at least had computer 
keying - yeah!  however, the computer still didn't rs232 chat with the 
ic7800.  while this is not totally necessary, i learned how nice AUTO S&P 
ENABLE  is for the sprint by not having it.  so i went back to debugging, 
but i didn't have a tr manual with me (i know, poor planning).  finally we 
got through to his isp on a dial up line, and i got enough information to 
get that working.  i worked the last 90 minutes normally - about 30 qso's 
the first 90 minutes, none for a while, and 90 the last 90 minutes.

73, john 

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