[Trlog] TR4W

Steve London n2icarrl at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 11:27:42 EDT 2007

No problem getting TR4W 1.17 to talk to my TS-950SDX.

However, TR4W is not talking to my parallel ports - either for CW keying or 
external bandswitching control. I suspect it has something to do with the TR4W 
LPTWDMIO.SYS driver being incompatible with my Windows parallel port driver, 
which maps my parallel ports to LPT2 and LPT3. My parallel ports do work fine 
with N1MM Logger, which uses DLPORTIO.SYS for parallel port control.

Good start !

Steve, N2IC

VR2BrettGraham wrote:
> UA9CDC replied:
>>I have just got beta version and trying to make it communicate with Icom. It
>>does not work so far. I know couple of UA4W friends using TR4W already. That
>>includes one MS station who reports that the network worked pretty well for
>>them in one of the recent contests. I think Dmitry need a bit more time to
>>rectify some of the problems before he would release usable version.
> I find 1.17 doesn't talk to either an ICOM or a Kenwood
> here, but all I did was take my General QSO log files
> & rem out those lines TR4W didn't like from the cfg file -
> maybe there is something in there that throws a spanner
> in the works but doesn't make it spit the dummy.
> 73, VR2BrettGraham.
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