[Trlog] Fw: Fw: RAC Multiplier file

Bill Till wtill at telusplanet.net
Thu Jan 4 03:23:17 EST 2007

Oops - missed NB. I have added it in the file as listed below.


Ns = VE1, NS
Qc = VE2, QC, QU, PQ, QUE
On = VE3, ON, ONT
Mb = VE4, MB, MAN
Sk = VE5, SK, SASK
Ab = VE6, AB, ALT
Bc = VE7, BC
Nt = VE8, NW, NT, NWT
Nb = VE9, NB

Yt = VY1, YU, YK, YT
Nl = VO1, VO2, NF, LA, LAB, NL
Pe = VY2, PE, PEI
Nu = VY0, NU

And as I understand it, these xx.dom files require upper case/lower case 
format for proper operation of TRLog.

73 .. Bill .. VE5FN

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