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Mon Jan 8 12:43:36 EST 2007

Hi Rolf:

I don't know whether TR will run correctly under ME, but I can help
with a couple of the other options.  WindowsME uses FAT32 for
it's primary disk partition, and newer versions of MSDOS can access
the partition.

Basically, if you boot your computer from a CD or floppy disk with
the version of MSDOS that comes with Windows98SE, you should
be able to run TR in "real" DOS from your WindowsME disk partition.

You can try this if you have a floppy by downloading wbootess.exe from


on your WindowsME computer and creating a floppy.  Boot from that, 
and your WindowsME disk should show up as C:.

Create a directory like "C:\TR685" or whatever, stick TR in it (you
can do this from WindowsME), and you should be able to boot
from the floppy, enter:

A:> C:
C:> CD TR686
C:> TR

and be up and running.  If you don't have a floppy drive, we can burn the
boot floppy image to a CD (a little harder) and you can boot from that.

There are  "hacks" to get WindowsME to boot a DOS prompt,
by modifying some system files, but I don't know anything about those.
You could also "dual boot", either in the same or a different partition,
but that would be more complex.

If this sounds interesting, try it and I'll see if I can answer any questions.


Mark, KD4D

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From: "Rolf T Salme" <rolf.salme at telia.com>
> Will TR-Log run under Windows ME, i.e. directly
> without any detours via DOS partitions et cetera?
> Some Google links seem to suggest that I might 
> need some kind of MS-DOS start disk to run DOS-
> based software. If so, how do I proceed?
> I am planning a minor DXpedition where the 
> available computer runs on Windows ME.
> 73,
> Rolf
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