[Trlog] Help Please CW Pause

W6SX Hank Garretson w6sx at arrl.net
Fri May 4 12:59:42 EDT 2007

At 04:06 PM 03 05 2007, Mark Bailey wrote:

>This sounds like the CD drive is going to sleep and it is
>taking time to "wake up".
>Are you copying the DOS boot files and TRLog files into a
>RAM disk?

No.  DOS is on the CD and TR is on a FAT32 on the hard drive.

At 04:04 PM 03 05 2007, Tree wrote:

>sounds like something went to sleep.

> > Perhaps part of the same problem, after entering the received info
> > and hitting return, the 5NN CA is sent as 6NN CA.  I can fix this by
> > making the S&P exchange ^5NN CA.
>Is this in the speaker or the radio?


My first thought was also some sort of sleep mode.  I went into the 
BIOS and looked for sleep options and could find none.

Looking at, hearing things more closely, it appears to be the CD 
drive.  When I type a call in the S&P field and hit return, sending 
doesn't start for about four seconds when I can see the hard drive 
light come on and see the CD drive light come on momentarily and hear 
the CD drive start to turn.

So, on a whim, I opened the CD drive and tried again.  After letting 
computer sit for half hour, now when I type a call in the S&P field 
and hit return, sending is immediate.  And, don't need the ^ in S&P 
exchange--the initial 5 sends as a 5 instead of a 6.

Problem solved?  I hope so.  Don't have an explanation.  Fingers are crossed.

Thanks Mark, thanks Tree.


Hank, W6SX

Mammoth Lakes, California 

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