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Mirko S57AD miroslav.sibilja at amis.net
Mon May 7 15:28:33 EDT 2007

Several years ago, Pete offered me shematic diagram of very simple 
interface circuit which worked excellently with TR and SBDVP.  Later, it 
has been published in early versions of N1MM manual as well.

73  Mirko, S57AD

Pete Smith pravi:

>I used sbdvp for years with TR Log.  The documentation is a little obscure, 
>but it works fine, and once you have it figured out, it is easy to use and 
>requires no attention once it is set up.  You just go through your normal 
>sequence of keystrokes with TR and it plays the appropriate .wav file.  I 
>used a Creative Soundblaster 16, and as I recall the software is pretty 
>much limited to that sound card.
>To answer your specific questions, the sound card in the computer that runs 
>TR is used, and the wav files are stored there.  You'll need to build up 
>some sort of interface between the sound card line out jack and the 
>transceiver mike or line audio input.
>73, Pete N4ZR
>    At 01:09 PM 5/7/2007, kd4d at comcast.net wrote:
>>Hi Bob:
>>There are three devices that I know of that TR supports for
>>voice keying.  These are the old ISA DVP (Digital Voice
>>Processor) which is an ISA plug-in card, using a
>>Soundblaster-compatible built-in soundcard and a program
>>called sbdvp that makes it look like a DVP, and an external
>>DVK (Digital Voice Keyer) which is driven from a parallel
>>Using the SBDVP requires running a seperate program
>>(sbdvp) before running TR and setting it up correctly.
>>Also, only some soundcards are supported - I suspect
>>mostly older ones.
>>The DVK is what I mostly use.  In that case, the DVK
>>is driven by the parallel port and messages are recorded
>>on the DVK.  In the other two cases, the messages are
>>recorded on the DOS computer's hard disk.  Many people
>>use a RAM disk for improved performance for these files.
>>Which device are you going to use?
>>Mark, KD4D
>> -------------- Original message ----------------------
>>From: "Robert Tellefsen" <n6wg at comcast.net>
>>>I'm interested in adding DVK to my use of TR.
>>>However, I'm a little vague on where the audio
>>>recordings are stored.  Are they on another
>>>computer, triggered from the one hosting TR?
>>>If they are in the same computer as TR, does
>>>DOS have provision for recording audio?
>>>I'm pretty vague on the audio capabilities of
>>>DOS, as I've only used TR for CW so far.
>>>Any insights would be appreciated.
>>>73, Bob N6WG
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