[Trlog] DVK

Fred Jensen k6dgw at foothill.net
Mon May 7 14:04:13 EDT 2007

Mirko S57AD wrote:
> Actually, there are 4 ways:
> * Soundblaster card  & SBDVP TSR prog,
> * DVP by K1EA
> * W9XT card
> * External DVK
> I tried first two successfully. but had some issues (by cockpit error) 
> with external DVK.

I tried the first also.  Getting SBDVP to run right was frustrating, but 
I finally managed.  My logging confuser is the very old 486-33 our 
youngest son used in college about a dozen years ago, and I had to set 
up a RAM disk for the .wav files to get it all to work.  Off the hard 
drive, the audio played erratically.

The two major problems were:

1.  Getting acceptable .wav files recorded.  Getting rid of background 
noise, getting enough bass into it, and keeping extraneous hum out.

2.  Getting the audio into the radio without hum and at the proper level.

I finally gave up, and since I generally operate only CW and some RTTY, 
it's OK.  Incidentally, an informal survey of DVK quality during last 
year's SSB Sweepstakes seems to have indicated that 9 out of 7 DVK's are 
essentially unintelligible :-)

Fred K6DGW
- Northern California Contest Club
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