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Ron Rossi kk1l at yccc.org
Tue May 8 09:34:25 EDT 2007

An additional comment here...I ended up having noise coming from my CD 
drive inputs. I needed to mute these to get quiet signals.

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Pete Smith wrote:
> For recording, I suggest Audacity, a free application that is very good for 
> trimming audio files to precise length.  It also has the capability of 
> setting audio files to a consistent peak level, without clipping.  It makes 
> it easy to get good-sounding, consistent messages.
> Setting the level to your radio is a little trickier, because it depends on 
> whether you must feed the sound card's audio to a microphone input or can 
> put it into a line-level jack on the back panel.  For the former, you need 
> a voltage divider; for either, you may need isolation transformers to help 
> eliminate hum.  Either way, you need to set the playback level of your 
> sound card so as to have it as close as possible to the level from your 
> normal voice.  With my simple interface and a duplex capable sound card, I 
> feed my microphone through the sound card.  That way I can set the sound 
> card's microphone gain to match the recorded files, and then control both 
> levels to the transceiver simultaneously with the line out level control.
> Hum can be difficult, particularly with feeding audio to the microphone 
> jack - I found that I needed both isolation transformers and VERY good 
> connections between the computer and transceiver chassis.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
> At 02:04 PM 5/7/2007, Fred Jensen wrote:
>> Mirko S57AD wrote:
>>> Actually, there are 4 ways:
>>> * Soundblaster card  & SBDVP TSR prog,
>>> * DVP by K1EA
>>> * W9XT card
>>> * External DVK
>>> I tried first two successfully. but had some issues (by cockpit error)
>>> with external DVK.
>> I tried the first also.  Getting SBDVP to run right was frustrating, but
>> I finally managed.  My logging confuser is the very old 486-33 our
>> youngest son used in college about a dozen years ago, and I had to set
>> up a RAM disk for the .wav files to get it all to work.  Off the hard
>> drive, the audio played erratically.
>> The two major problems were:
>> 1.  Getting acceptable .wav files recorded.  Getting rid of background
>> noise, getting enough bass into it, and keeping extraneous hum out.
>> 2.  Getting the audio into the radio without hum and at the proper level.
>> I finally gave up, and since I generally operate only CW and some RTTY,
>> it's OK.  Incidentally, an informal survey of DVK quality during last
>> year's SSB Sweepstakes seems to have indicated that 9 out of 7 DVK's are
>> essentially unintelligible :-)
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