[Trlog] one more question: Orion II and TR 6.87

bob hervatine kf6jsp at hotmail.com
Fri May 25 03:33:21 EDT 2007

I installed what I thought was TR ver 6.87, but my configuration shows 6.86

When I configured for the CQ WPX contest, all is working OK EXCEPT TR-Log 
does not acknowledge band changes I make using the buttons on the Orion II. 
(i.e. if I switch fm 20m to 40m, TR-Log display still shows me on 20m)

However, if I command a band change via my computer keyboard through TR-Log 
(ALT-B), the computer successfully commands the Orion II to change bands.

Anything I can do to make TR-Log recognize what band I'm on when the 
progam/Orion II are turned on?

Thanks es 73, Bob Hervatine N2NS (ex: W6FRH)

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