[Trlog] Serial number greater than 1

Wa3aan at aol.com Wa3aan at aol.com
Mon May 28 12:09:16 EDT 2007

Yes Mike (K9MI), I was unable to copy  the log.dat from pc1 to pc2 at the 
time.  I was hoping to go back after the  contest and make a  merge like Mike 
(K9NW) suggested.  At this  point in the contest (3 digit serial numbers in) I 
did not want to take the  time for a dummy log ... It would be great to have a 
cfg command in the  form  "Serial Number = n" 
By crash, you probably mean you  couldn't get back to the #1 pc and copy your 
log.dat and put it on pc #  2?

73 Mike K9MI

I don't think there is any built-in way  to do this.  You could fill the new 
log with dummy QSOs I guess - probably  less desirable if you have to fill in 
a large number of them.

Best option  may be to just merge the two logs after the contest and submit 
it that  way.  As long as the appropriate QSO info is in the Cabrillo file it 
should  be ok.  I think....

73, Mike  K9NW

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