[Trlog] Version 6.88 Slowdown Question

Paul Kirley pkirley at fuse.net
Wed Aug 27 19:48:04 EDT 2008

For some years I stayed with version 6.79, because I had no radios that could interface with TRLog and the changes after 6.79 all seemed to deal with the radio interface.  But recently I have upgraded to version 6.88 in anticipation of acquiring a more capable radio that could talk to TRLog.  

As a result, I have noticed that the newer version slows down noticeably in certain situations, whether or not interfaced with a radio.  I hope that something can be done to prevent this.

After noticing the slowdown during actual operation, I performed the following experiments in an attempt to isolate the problem.  TRLog version 6.88 was used with CTY.DAT version 1808 accompanying it.

First, in an empty directory TRLog stepped through setting up a new contest and saved the following bare-bones configuration file that I chose to name ARCITEST.CFG:
I then worked a couple of imaginary QSOs (without the simulator), first with K3AA who sent me 579 MD 13422, and then with CU2JT who sent me 559 DX 100W.  Then I entered 7040 into TRLog, which changed bands and frequencies by direct entry.  Entry of the first imaginary QSO caused no problems, but the latter three characters of CU2JT's call and most of the digits of 7040 showed up quite slowly in the entry window, to the tune of noise from the computer's hard drive.  Commands were eventually executed properly, but the slowdown is noticeable.

In a second test, likewise in an empty directory TRLog stepped through setting up another contest, resulting in the following configuration file CQWWTEST.CFG:
I then repeated the same two imaginary QSOs, but this time with an appropriate 599 (zone) exchange, accepting zones as suggested by TRLog.  After those imaginary QSOs proceeded normally, I direct-entered 7040 and changed to that frequency quickly.  There were no slowdowns comparable to those observed when the imaginary contest was ARCI.

Thus the slowdowns are contest-dependent.  Is there anything that can be done to prevent such hesitations? 

73, Paul W8TM


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