[Trlog] Alt-D, Alt-R, split & two receivers in one box

John Unger w4au at verizon.net
Thu Feb 21 17:02:52 EST 2008

Hi Terry -

First, CAUTION, I haven't tried this technique in real time...

What you might be able to do  with your Orion is to set up a "phantom" 
second radio in TR and then set the band that your second Orion receiver is 
listening to on the second radio. You then should be able to use ALT-D to 
dupe check the "phantom" radio's band, and if you wanted to work that 
station with S&P, instead of hitting the SPACE bar just use the Orion's A/B 
button to swap frequencies between the main and sub receivers.

This idea assumes a bunch of things like automatic antenna switching, etc. 
I think it would be difficult to do in real time because the second 
receiver is muted when the main receiver is transmitting, which makes it 
difficult to do when running on the main receiver and S&P on the sub 
receiver. If you are S&Ping on both receivers, I guess it could be 
effective under certain circumstances.

YMMV, of course, and I reserve the right to retract this concept after I 
have given it more thought...

73 - John, W4AU

At 01:52 PM 2/21/2008, Zivney, Terry L. wrote:
>If one is listening on both receivers (in an Orion, to be specific, but  I 
>guess an IC781 or FT1000 also)
>can one use the Alt-D command to find whether the second receiver is a 
>dupe and then use the
>space bar to switch transmit frequencies from the CQing frequency to the 
>S&P frequency and then
>back to  CQ?  If so, how?
>Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9
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