[Trlog] TR-Log USB question

Kevin Schmidt w9cf at ptolemy.la.asu.edu
Sun Jun 15 18:27:06 EDT 2008

You mention the one-laptop per child, and I believe the native operating
system for those is linux.

I run TR in linux using dosemu which works pretty well. I have real
serial and parallel ports on my shack computer. However, I just tried
plugging in a cheap usb serial port adapter, and it keys the rig OK up to
about 35 wpm. It is readable at 45 wpm, but the keying sounds too heavy
to me at that speed. At 20-30 wpm it sounds fine to me.

Paddle input works fine with dosemu using a real parallel port, but I do
not have a USB parallel port and I would be surprised if the linux usb
drivers emulated the real parallel ports down to that level.

73 Kevin w9cf

On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 02:07:55PM -0700, Scott L. wrote:
> I am thinking about operating QRP Field Day in 2009 out in the field, and
> using TR-Log.
> Since I don't want to use a generator, but I do want to use a computer, I
> would like to know if it is possible to use
> TR-Log and key the rig thru a USB port.  And, is it possible to get high
> quality paddle generated CW using a USB port?  I am willing to buy a
> converter, if necessary, to get this to work, hopefully for less than $100.
> My current laptops have parallel ports, but they use about 50 watts.  That
> won't work in the field unless I buy a 120 amp hour batter, which kind of
> defeats the purpose.  So, I am thinking of buying a new laptop, but it looks
> like these are hard to find if you want a parallel port.  The XO-1 "one
> laptop per child" looks interesting for this purpose.
> I know this is probably in the archives "somewhere", but my three attempts
> to find the answer came up dry.
> TIA.
>    Scott W6CT
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